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Workshop for maintaining the manuscripts at the Syriac cultural library


With the participation of two of its staff, the library of the general directorate of Syriac culture and arts hospitalized the workshop that accompanies the course for maintaining and restoring the manuscripts held by the Iraqi Institute for maintaining the ruins and the heritage for the period from 5 to 10 of Dec. 2012 with the participation of trainees from different governorates in Iraq.

The trainees through the workshop watched the techniques of maintaining the ancient manuscripts and restoring them. Also the safe methods for keeping them. That was presented by the Italian expert Iyriny Zanella from the institute.

The trainees accompanied by the trainer began cleaning and restoring tens of old books that are more than hundred years old at the library of the general directorate.

The Iraqi institute for maintaining remains and heritage was established by American donation for supporting the section of remains and heritage in Iraq in the year 2008. Erbil was chosen as a headquarter because Erbil enjoys good security situation. It is considered a scientific cultural Institution that trains the cadres from different parts of Iraq that work in the field of maintaining remains and keeping safe the manuscripts. The courses are held by a foreign specialist cadre.