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The Syriac Heritage Museum hospitalizes a media course with the help of Aswat Al-Iraq


Aswat Al-Iraq news agency with the help of the German TV (Deutcha Villa) help a course for developing photography skills, television and montage. It was hospitalized at the museum hall of the Syriac heritage in Ankawa from 28th of Nov. to the 8th of Dec. 2012 with the participation of ten personnel who work in the field of media from different governorates in Iraq. All of them work at the agency, in addition to a photographer of the general directorate of Syriac culture and arts.

During the course the two Germans Floryan and Olaph presented lectures about the techniques of using the two kinds of cameras the photograph camera and the television camera and also talked about montage skills and preparing television reports that qualified the participates with the cooperation of their trainers to film four short documentary films. One of them was about the Syriac heritage culture which is considered the first of its kind in the world. About that Hussain Ajeel the general editor at the agency said, “Before the idea of hospitalizing by the Syriac museum is formed for the course, Aswat Al-Iraq had intended to make a short documentary film that documents the museum which is considered the first of its kind in the world in supporting the general directorate of Syriac culture and arts. The hospitalizing of such course is a good opportunity for trainers and trainees to be close to the atmospheres of innovation and inspiration.

It is worth mentioning that the news agency Aswat Al-Iraq offers its charitable experience exclusively to news agencies and those who follow up, including the service of video reports that the agency works hard through holding such courses to develop it in order to launch it commercially.