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The general director of Syriac culture and arts accompanied by Italian experts discuss methods of maintaining the manuscripts that belong to Al-Saida monastery and Alquosh Chaldean Patriarcate


Dr. Saadi Al-Malih the general director of the Syriac culture and arts accompanied by a delegation from (Jiser Aly) the Italian organization that works in Iraq to offer educational and humane help and another delegation from the Iraqi Institute for maintaining heritage and remains. They are Italian experts in keeping and restoring manuscripts on Saturday the eighth of December 2012. They visited the Chaldean diocese of Alquosh. 

At the diocese the delegation met bishop Mikhail Maqdici the shepherd of the diocese and father Ghazwan Shahara. Then they visited Al-Saida monastery where they met Anba Jubraieel Gorges head of the monastery.

During the visit the manuscripts were checked and experts discussed the methods of cooperation between the two sides. They also wanted a primary estimation of the needs and demands of the two libraries and their manuscripts.

They discussed the possibility of offering support through training and making equipment available in restoring the manuscripts, keeping and maintaining them.

It is worth mentioning that the Italian delegation of (Jiser Aly) includes Mr. Raied Mikhaieel director of the organization office in Erbil, Mrs. Alisa Piva director of Middle East programmes and Mrs. Katrina Mikotsi. The Italian specialists from the Iraqi Institute included Mrs. Iyrini Zanella, Mrs. Ghaya Petrella, Paolo Patino and Hairdy Fryiz.