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Turkish TRT channel spotlights the role of the general directorate of Syriac culture and arts


The TRT Turkish channel showed a detailed report about the Syriac in Erbil in general and the general directorate of Syriac culture and arts in particular. It also showed the activities and services the Syriac directorate does for supporting and developing Syriac culture. The report also mentioned the work of some directorates and departments belonging to the Syriac directorate such as the directorate library and the Syriac heritage Museum.

Dr. Saadi Al-Malih the director of the general directorate of Syriac culture and arts talked to the Turkish channel TRT about the work of the directorate and its cultural role concerning literature, art, music and other branches of knowledge in the reigon. He also mentioned the newspapers, magazines and Syriac TV and broadcasting stations. 

Mrs. Jandark Hozaya in charge of the Syriac library talked about the books and magazines the library contains. It contains about six thousand books and periodicals in addition to the rare manuscripts. Dr. Faik Butty the pioneer well-known journalist in Iraqi journalism who is considered an encyclopedic figure in the Syriac journalism talked about his work in documenting the history of journalism in Iraq and of which is the Syriac journalism.

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