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General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts evaluate the Kurdish language course for members


Within the activities of the General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts started on morning of Tuesday, 30/9/2014 at the Hall of Heritage Museum for Syriac course to teach the Kurdish language to employees of the General Directorate and to develop the skill and enable them to Kurdish language for the purpose of addressing the ministry and official circles other and under the general supervision of Prof. Dr. Amajd Hawezy General Director of the Syriac Culture and Arts,  Mr. Farouk Hanna director of heritage and arts Syriac, Supervisor  on administrative session.

Initiated the session word Dr. Amajd Howiezi General Directorate of Culture and Arts of Syriac / agency where welcomed the attendees and thanked them for their enthusiasm strong stemming from a sincere desire to learn the Kurdish language and their love for the service of Kurdistan, and emphasized the importance of learning the Kurdish language, which is spoken by around forty million people and is the general language of the Kurdistan Regional Government and is considered an official language in Iraq, along with the Arabic language and as well as enable them to deal with the community, especially in the province. And then welcomed Mr. shwan Omar professor who specializes in the Kurdish language.

Added Mr. Director-General said: the success of the session depends on the administration and the solidarity and cooperation of staff and confirmed in his readiness to provide assistance to unaffiliated until enables them to language well, also stressed on the establishment of another training cycle to teach Syriac language soon, which is the official language of the associate and the activities of the Directorate-General for Culture and the Arts Syriac.

And seemed happiness on the faces of the participants in the session expressed their thanks for the great General Directorate and those who made it to this initiative being effective came in exact time, which constitute the Kurdish language is an essential element in the performance of a career in government departments in the province.

It is worth mentioning that the session will be open until reaching the desired interest in the Kurdish language proficiency in reading and writing.

This has reached the number of participants in this nearly cycle (25) employees.