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The General Director of Syriac Culture and Arts visiting the Directorate of Syriac Culture and arts/ Duhok

On Wednesday,22/10/2014,Dr. Amjad Hawiezi  Director General of Syriac Culture and Arts visited Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts/Dohuk, to follow up the activities and the conduct of business and administrative affairs of the Directorate and standing on the reality of the workflow. They were received by Mr. Benjamin Jalal, Director of Syriac Culture and Arts/Dohuk by agency.

Proxy Director General accompanied by  all of the ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Anwar Denha director administration ,Mrs. Nidal Hana, director of accounts  and Mrs. Basmaaa , Audit director and Mr. Maher Siliwa services director.

Through the visit. proxy Director-General met with the staff of the Directorate of Dohuk, gave them directives for the development of the work of the Directorate in order to reduce the obstacles and complete all the short comings which they suffer.

Then paved the way for the staff to put their problems and submit their proposals and listened to their opinions and give them  quick and prompt solutions to those problems ,which reduce their work .

 He advised them to visit the active cultural institutions in the province, in order to promote cultural cooperation and to strengthen relations with other cultural institutions  and Civil society organizations.

 his excellency noted that  the directorate has a problem to have  relations of cultural and artistic to communicate with their  Kurdish society, for many reasons, including the lack of the employees  sufficiently aware of the importance of the cultural and  the artistic to do common activities with the other ingredients and take advantage of their experience and the limited number of employees who are fluent in the Kurdish language, he ordered  to establish an educational course for Kurdish language  .

 Pointed that the visit was lasted two days.