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Undertake the General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts, Mrs. Jandark Hozaya polished a book (bibliography Syriac books)

    On Tuesday at eleven o'clock morning,7/6/2016 Established General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts book signing ceremony (bibliography Syriac books) for writing Jandark Hozaya on Heritage Directorate and the museum Syriac Hall in the presence of Director General/Agency Dr. Amjad Hawezi and a distinguished audience of culture lovers, artists and academics, writers and intellectuals and representatives of civil society organizations and a number of media and satellite channels.

    After welcoming the attendees Mrs. Jandark Hozaya presented a brief explained  for the history of the Syriac library (where the book was made) and the efforts made by its employees over the past years to organize and classify various books and show the library prepared in the best suit to be in academics, researchers and graduate students who they consider the best Service sources and springs The important references, praising the role of former Director General of Syriac culture and arts of the late Dr. Saadi Al-Maleh and Mr. Peter Nabati who was the Director Culture of Arts Syriac / Erbil, who enrich their shelves mothers books, especially those that have made our language Syriac ,manuscripts and old books that has maintenance and preservation and restoration of some of the latest scientific methods in cooperation with the Italian Organization (Bridge to ...)

    Noting that the library has allocated special corner for the late works of Dr. Saadi Al-Maleh and Doctor Younan Hozaya for their service in the field of culture , literature and language and Syriac ,the dozens of books perpetuate their memory. In conclusion, pointing to a very important point is the lack of a private building for the library, which is feared by the damage and wished to take over the Kurdistan Regional Government interest in this topic because it serves the national culture of the people looking to stay in the territory rooted in them.

        She “ mention with pride that the late Dr. Faqk Butti has been performed in our library (Syriac Press Encyclopedia in Iraq ... the history and personalities) by relying on existing sources which also benefited from the contents of many graduate students, and personally I have prepared a book (bibliography Syriac books) to be guide to find out general information on the Syriac books in them . "

        Then, the writer and poet Mr. Potrus Nabati advance biography of the writer spoke, praising the book and bring upon thee, light on the Syriac books in Syriac culture library, addressing in some detail the book's title and linguistic meanings, noting that the book in question is a bibliography records all the books available in the Syriac Culture Library, the number is (305) wrote, until the book's end 2014, the author of each book page devoted provides important information about After classification remember the author's name and the language of the book and the number of pages and the issuer and a summary of the content, this information serves the student and facilitates the task of searching.

        After that paved the way for the interventions of the audience and their questions that she answered the typewriter with an open mind, followed by a book signing by Mrs. Hozaya and donate it to attend.