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A visit to the Syriac Culture Library

    On Thursday of June 23, 2016 Visited a group of students from the English language course university Catholic/ Erbil, Syriac culture library building, accompanied by their teachers and supervisors of the session and briefed the guests who number more than 30, the library and left untouched shelves of books that deal with culture Syriac and others as well as manuscripts rare and old books, displaying impressed with all its sources  periodicals books precious the associate 's efforts to show it in this way and to be in  researchers and academics and all who wish to be informed and knowledgeable service.
    Mrs. Jandark Hozaya Director of Syriac Culture Library has provided a detailed explanation for guests numbering about books and classified operations and arrange the adoption of the Dewey Decimal System, and the program classifies books and stored on the computer in order to facilitate to  the search process. Magazines and periodicals value that boasts the library, which is due to start issuing some of the nineteenth century history as well as ancient books and manuscripts preserved in accordance with the scientific methods used internationally in cooperation with the Italian Organization (Bridge to ...) & Father Najeeb Moussa Aldomenka.
Mrs. Hozaya answered the questions and queries of the guests who have registered their impressions of the visit in the record of visits.