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General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts participate in the vigil on the occasion of Martyr's Day Chaldean, Syriac, Assyrian, Eankawa

    On Sunday Monring 7/8/2016, Mr. D. Amjad Al-Hawezi Director-General for Culture and the Arts Syriac / Agency And the staff of the Directorate , to stand in mourning for the souls of the victims who were killed in the tragedy Symel in 1933.

    It combines a number of fans Ankawa in front of the main gate of the Church of St. Joseph , along with the heads and representatives of the political and nationalist parties for our Chaldean Syriac Assyrian and Al-Kurdistan and staff of government departments working in Ankawa , led by the Bishop of Saint John Peter Moshe Bishop of Mosul and Kirkuk and Kurdistan and a number of parents of priests participated vigil official representation A government represented by the Governor of Erbil Mr. Nawzad Hadi , Mr. Khalid Alber Director General of Awqaf Christians and Mr. Nazar Hanna , Director General of the Syrian education as well as the second official branch of the Democratic Party Al Kudrstani Mr. Ali Hussein.

    This event has followed a large number of the media and other information channels also seen a number of banners hanging on the walls and posters in Enkawa to symbolize the tragic incidents in the recent history of the Chaldean, Syriac, Assyrian as accidents Sipho 1915 and Symel in 1933  and a figurehead village in 1969 and the Church our lady of deliverance in Baghdad in 2010 , the latest displacement of our people from the original of Mosul and Nineveh plain areas , which marks the anniversary with the anniversary of the tragedy Symel at the hands of the Kharijites age Daash 2014