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The Poetic Image of the collection of (Beatitude the Planets of your Divinity)
Shaker Sifo

In a series of issues of the General Directorate for Syriac Culture and Arts - Ministry of Culture in Kurdistan Region,  Issued by the poet Shaker Sifo his Syriac poetic collection marked - Beatitude the Planets of your Divinity - the collection has embraced poetic texts work on the forming and structural building  on aesthetic style of the prose poem - and read - in the modern Arab poetry text.
 The poet Shaker Sifo seeks to push the text to the picture posed by word and poetry knowledge that composed with its counterpart the problem of poetic image, the text in this collection consists of a set of images that build the structure of the poetic building inhabited by a system of humanitarian and compassionate mythological and folklore and judgmental meanings.
 The poet Often review himself and  his life in pictures radiate from the inside, he who knows the secrets of poetic text and moral function of and poetic image function, that the text of the poet in this collection does not subject to any standard, means that he writes so rampant, but oriented control poetry language in the rhetorical formats of metaphor and analogy and borrow, the power of his poetic language produces radioactive poetic image accommodate deep significance of the sign, an indication of the image and the overall structure of the text.  When I read any provision of the collection I feel that there is a debate of the poetry image and yeast wound, injury of existence, the existence of the poetry moment in the field of writing prose poem, the passion of the poet for this acts pushed by exclusiveness jealous and privacy , he is working hard to send aesthetic standards - voice and semantic - within the text in a way that the text not tend to flabbiness, and sometimes we see the presence of a repetition he consider it as elements of supply sustaining to the emotional climate, and repetition here, is a kind of alternating patterns of relations between objects and things and what result by means of the psychological implications of the conscious self and their relationship to the other and existence.
 In this collection along the texts, the reader can find Integral attention to the structure of the place and the fact visionary, Sufism area and dream to return to the categories Bachelor - about childhood, dreams and beauty of the place..  the heritage Syriac drivers , cognitive formations and aesthetic harmonize with the structure of space and mythology in the text of the poet and because the poet is creator of a vision is living this life of poetry, and because a poet is disarmament only of creator word , so the word is in the beginning, this is always the answer of the poet .

Translated into Arabic by: Ra’id Michael