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For Redness Earth's Rose
Wadallah Ilya

The General Directorate of Syriac Culture in the Kurdistan region in a series of Syriac issues (5), issued by the poet Wadallah Ilya , his new poetry collection (to redness of the earth roses) includes (25) poem decorated with schematic drawings of the artist Emad Badr.  Panel Cover for the artist Lame’e  Najib.  The collection is located in 125 pages of medium size.
 This collection is regards as first issues of the poet in Syriac and the first point of brightness that brought new poetry civilization, added a beautiful luster to the Syriac Modernist text free of restrictions and traditional consumer templates among a taste celebrated with new eyes.
 It is noted that the poet sets a precedent of poetry collections in Arabic, are:
 - A Saint in the Ash Forest 1990
 - Mirrors of Waters 1998
 -  Anahid 2002
 – Injuries for non written scribe 2007
the poet try in this creative experience to revive the heritage of the Fathers, through its adherence to the ancestral language  by immortalizing the noble Syriac heritage and Syriac civilization, inspired by the ancient heritage and employing the symbols and mythology , popular heritage and disclosure of Visible and the Invisible to read the unknown and the poet ability to  field and dig a name for himself in the space of the Syriac Modernist poem and its contemporary vocabulary by his new philosophy, elegant writing and his eagerness to take advantage of the great historical roots and the language of writers, philosophers and Syriac geniuses known as Srougi the Syriac , Ibn Al-Ibri , Nursai , Balay and others who gave the world the alphabet and poetry, spread of science and planted civilization on the shores of the world.
 Thus, the poet, was loyal in most rich texts of fertile donation and creative glamorous area reaching to the peak of the Syriac text , tight in its clear language , solid structural building, rich radioactive in vocabulary and vast his poetry vision with eternal swathed in spiritual worlds and historical , emotional scenes and other visionary predicts its relationship with the other, according to rhythmic systems and intensity vocabulary , and poetic products full of truth and glare and disclosures,  the variety of the topics between dream and reality, vision and hope.

Translated into Arabic by: Ra’id Michael