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Syriac culture ... Critical rebounds and articles
Dr. Saadi Al Malih

In a series of Syriac culture No. 2 issued by the Ministry of Culture in the Kurdistan Region - General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts in Erbil, Dr. Saadi Al Malih a book under the title ( Syriac Culture.. Critical rebounds and Articals) 2009 , the book is divided into two parts; the first section includes, "Critical rebounds" nine books in Arabic, English and Russian novels varied between novels, historical studies, cultural and scientific , belonging culture,  the Syriac language, literature and history of Mesopotamia, while the second section includes 10 articles written on various topics.
 In the first section, we read several rebounds as, including weak hypotheses but closer to ratification), in which he talked about the book (Aramaic beliefs) of the Iraqi author Khaz Al- Majidi explains the structure of the book, which consisted of three chapters each chapter devoted to a particular aspect of Aram.
 On other subject entitled (Gold and Storm) the author reviews the trip of Elias Musli to America considering it as the first Iraqi Middle Eastern trip to the New World, which started in the spring of 1668 from Baghdad toward Damascus , Jerusalem, and then Aleppo, Iskenderun and then Europe through Venice, where he met the Pope and visited the holy places. Then his visit to France and meeting with King Louis and his brother Prince Aulinans St. Ignantm then he went to Spain.  Dr. Saadi al-Maleh, Continues the narrative of the next trip toward the South and Central America in 1675 . the Russian orientalist confirms that Ignatius Kerckovski praised this trip as  important in the  Arab literature.
 On the subject (save Jerusalem, hypotheses are based on illusion), the author reviews by the book of "save Jerusalem" by U.S. journalist living in Montreal, Henry Owen, published in English in Canada in 2002, which is trying to emphasize about the alliance between Hebrews and Africans in 701 BC and the author is based on the fabrication of this hypothesis to three sources in the Bible is the Scripture Isaiah, Kings, and news. and confirms that the black Africans saved the Jewish people from annihilation and extinction.  The author tries to disproof the hypotheses through the story of the historical sources.
 In the study, entitled (the effect of Babylonian inscriptions in the biblical codes) the author reviews by the comparative study of laws and codes, and confirms that most of these studies addressed most of these studies, stories, legends and the ancient Iraqi mythology reflections on the Hebrew Bible books, especially the epic of Gilgamesh and the story of the Caliph, and others, without being closer to the comparable of laws and religious laws.
 Through the novel, “Goodbye Babylon” of the author Naim Kattan stresses that this novel is one of the important epochs of the history of modern Iraq, that is the era of forties eventful of political and public figures which left their clear imprint in Iraqi society at the time.  The novel, according to Dr. Maleh is closer to the biography of the writer in the past seven or eight years before he left Iraq to study in France and compare them through the convergence and the intersection with the novel "exodus from Iraq" of Izaq Bar-Moshe Iraqi Jewish writer.  The author present the novel of Kattan through some of the events and historical facts on which the article has based, as well as individual and personal attitudes, which pulled out in the novel with the people of his community as a whole, religion or national .. as  Almalih also confirms out of their scope to the substantive socio- historical context.  Shows that with examples, refuting some of the facts mentioned that are far from reality through the ancient and modern history.
 As for the book origin of the Sumerian of the Egyptian civilization of Austin and Eddle, Dr. Almalih emphasizes on the conclusions he had reached was an intrepid and may upside down the our historical conceptions of the region, ". The book raised Its assumptions by asking two essential questions to answer them is an unknown answer in Egyptian history since the days of Herodotus and that are:  absence of evidence with respect to time sequence of the history of the first Pharaohs, second: origin of the civilization of ancient Egypt, whether it is local or imposed from outside
 In the book (when Annie created the sky) issued in Russian in 1999, Dr. Saadi Almalih also confirms that he prepares an analytical lengthy study of the Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian literature, in ancient Iraq, and adds: This book is regarding as first independent reference and still issue in Russia with the same importance.
 Dr. Saadi Almalih also presents the novel " Life of Bi ", who considered it as a novel of religious unification and faith in God.  As well he reported an article published in the magazine "Ishtar" issued in Canada, remarks to develop an expanded guidebook of the civilization of Mesopotamia.
 The Second Section comprises ten articles written on various topics and that he had published in several websites, periodicals, Iraqi and foreign newspapers, , he wrote about (language and culture first), and suggested that we start our unity through language and culture first, "and then take any other steps.
Also he wrote an article titled ( O you people of Basra ,the people of good tolerance) calling to bleed votes against the heinous crimes that affected our people of the Chaldean Syriac Assyrians there, and to avoid the nation in general and Basra in particular evils of the criminal fanatic acts, in order not to repeat this scene in other cities of Iraq. as well as other important articles interfere the core and concerns of our people , including: Khalidiya or Ishtar? lament in Salah al-Din Cinema, and when Maronite people returning to their Syriac roots, and Charbel..  Arplo god .. and the language of Christ is still the language of a lively and Nasser Yousef peace, "and where is Ankawah privacy?  and an apology which is a beautiful prose poem written in the late Forty of Thaer Hanna Salioh.
 Finally, "The Book: In the Syriac culture .. Critical rebounds and articles" which is located in 152 pages of medium size, is regarded as panoramic paintings as soon the reader continue reading it, even to the last lines.  It contains rich material is driven by the facts established and important proposals and bold subtraction depending on scientific research for the advancement of academic cultural work for the better.

                                                                                             Translated by : Ra’id Michael